Children of Hope is dedicated to leading children into the mystery of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, so as to Realize how much he loves them!
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You can adapt any of the suggestions in the Leader’s manual to fit your own style; the following are only offered as starting points for groups. Ultimately we all rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us each week as we try to humbly offer ourselves to be, as Mother Teresa put it so well, “a pencil in the hand of God.”
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If you wish to make a donation to help Fr Antoine and Children of Hope promote and bring Eucharistic Adoration to children throughout the world, please mail your contribution to:
Children of Hope
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Latest Articles

  • A new generation of children in love with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

    What do you want for your children? To be slaves of technology? Would you give them gadgets to know God or gadgets to doom their soul? Little did some 150 parents/adults expect to be provoked by such soul-searching questions when they decided to attend a recent Children Eucharistic Adoration workshop. Fr Antoine Thomas, a priest of the Community of St ... Read More
  • “Witness to the Eucharistic Life in the United States.”

    by Father Antoine Thomas, Eucharistic Congress, Mexico 2004 Talk by Fr. Antoine Thomas f.j. (Founder of Children of Hope) October 16th, 2004 Witness to the Eucharistic Life in the United States. Introduction: It is an immense joy and a privilege for me to have been invited to witness the marvels that the Holy Spirit has inspired in the United States ... Read More
  • ‘Bringing Children to Christ in Eucharistic Adoration”

    Bringing Children to Christ in Eucharistic Adoration by Father Antoine Thomas Develops a Program for Kids PRINCEVILLE, Illinois, OCT. 5, 2004 (Zenit.org).- Thanks to a French priest’s vision and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, hundreds of children are engaging in Eucharistic adoration and experiencing the real presence of Christ. Father Antoine Thomas, 46, a priest of the Congregation of St. ... Read More
  • “Do not hinder the Children from coming to me!”

    by Sandy Rongish “Do not hinder the Children from coming to me!” (Mt 19:14) by Sandy Rongish In this article, Sandy Rongish, National Director of the “Children of Hope,” shares her story of how she was led to this Eucharistic Adoration ministry for children, founded by Fr. Antoine Thomas. Sandy Rongish is a full-time homemaker and mother of five children. ... Read More
  • “Let the Children come to Me” Adoration for Children

    By SUSAN BRINKMANN, CS&T Correspondent PIC HERE Father Antoine Thomas, of the Congregation of St. John, says children understand the mystery of the Eucharist more than adults in many, many respects. (Courtesy Photo) By SUSAN BRINKMANN CS&T Correspondent Ask any parent why they don’t take their children to Eucharistic adoration and most will tell you the same thing. Children don’t ... Read More

Enjoy this video of Fr. Antoine Leading children in Lithuania this year!


We are pleased to announce we now have a “Eucharistic Rosary” CD set to offer you adoration Rosary meditation! Recorded by Br. Leopold d’Yve, CSJ, these are sure to increase in the listener a deeper love for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Look for this set in on our order page. Or, you may have it sent directly to you in a link so you can download immediately to your own computer!

Listen to one mystery here


Feel free to make copies of this little booklet:
My Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book

The Committee for the Canonisation of Blessed Edward receives 100% of this donation to help translate the writings of this holy Saint to English! His works are considered masterpieces! Thank you for any help you can offer! 🙂

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ChildrenOfHope-Edward-Poppe-image1Blessed Edward Poppe
Patron for Children’s Adoration
Edward Poppe (Eduard Joannes Maria Poppe) was born on December 18, 1890, into a profoundly Catholic Flemish family. His father, ésiré, and his mother, Josefa, lived in a modest home in the small city of Temse, close to Ghent, Belgium. In his profession as a baker, Désiré worked hard to support his family. In his trials, he had the custom of saying, «We must always be satisfied with the will of God.» Josefa displayed in her household both warm affection and firm discipline.
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